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The write fix

From gradPSYCH September issue:

While you’ve beengrading-papers writing for your entire student life, and your writing helped you get into grad school, it’s still possible to do it better within the confines of academia. Here are five common writing mistakes grad students make — and what professors say you can do to fix them. Read the rest here.


Grim Job Prospects for Mental Health Grads

For Psychotherapy Networker May/June 2014:

For graduate education in the field of mental health, 2013 was a booming year. Approximately 39,500 students were enrolled in the 639 accredited graduate programs in counseling, and doctoral programs in clinical psychology reviewed a staggering 44,753 applications from prospective students, which was a 24 percent increase from 2009. But where exactly did the 10,260 degree earners from mental health counseling programs in 2013 land after the pomp and circumstance of graduation? And why do students continue to pour into graduate programs when they often face grim employment prospects or incredibly low-paying work in the nonprofit sector upon graduation? Read more